House Remodeling

When Do You Need Permits

For almost any home renovation project, you need to have certain permits. This makes sure everything is legal, and you can move on with your plans freely. This is why, you should know what type of remodeling requires permits, and which one does not.

For most of the projects, you will need to hire a contractor like Kent Pecoy to help you realize your ideas. They will lead the whole project, supervise everything, and make sure everything goes according to the plan. Some of the work that requires a permit is fencing. Now, this one depends on the height of the fence in most cities, which is why you should check the regulation. Another project is when you have to cut holes in the wall for new windows, doors, or skylight.

Kent Pecoy

However, if you are just replacing your windows, you can do it freely. The same goes for water heater and plumbing work. When you want to replace floors, repaint any part of the house, or do any smaller home repair, you don’t need to get a permit. If you are not sure, and you want to have everything done correctly, you can hire Kent Pecoy, because contractors always know if you need a permit and what type. It is important to get them because if you were to sell your house at any point, or if you need to have it valued, you won’t be able to do it without having the paperwork necessary.

You may not think that certain smaller work and remodeling projects need permits, however, you should do your research before starting. First of all, because of the additional expense, and because you want to make sure everything is legal.