What Are Protective Walls

What Types There Are And What Is Their Purpose

Most of the times when we are building something, we need to protect it from lateral pressure or different materials that can damage that particular structure. For this purpose, special walls can be created, which are supposed to retain and withstand any type of pressure and protect the building or any type of object.

A Retaining wall can be used for many different purposes, and one of the commonly used ones is gravity. A gravity wall helps resist the lateral pressure of the Earth, and it can be made from stone or concrete. A similar type of wall is a crib wall, which is constructed from timber boxes, which are then filled with stone or other granulated material. They are weaker in structure, which is why they’re used to support plantar areas.

Retaining wall

Certain types of walls like cantilever need to have support along the backside of it, which adds to the strength and stability of the wall. Another common type is gabion mesh walls which use a combination of wire and rock. They will last you for as long as the wire is able to hold the rocks together, so this is used where there is a danger of a smaller erosion or when you need to protect something against artillery fire. Before installing any Retaining wall, you have to think about the drainage and the soil to be able to choose the right one.

Complex construction knowledge is needed for this to be done the right way. The manufacturers can help you with this decision so you can be sure that you have chosen the right while that will offer enough support.