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Healthy Choices

Of course, everyone wants to live forever however even we, the mightiest human beings on this planet, have a lifespan of approximately 75 to 100 years. The worst part about getting old is that your body is not as strong as it used to be, but also your mind begins to play tricks on you, meaning that you are not as sharp as you used to be. So even though you live up to 100 years, or even more, you will not be the person you used to be, because your mind will simply begin to drift away.

Dr Clem Bonney

But still, you have enough time to do whatever you want and make your life a real adventure. In order to live the longest and happiest life you need to take care of yourself and you need to love your body. Your body is the only body that you have and you need to pay respect by eating healthy foods, exercising, and doing many other things that you love. Of course, your body is listening to you when you are 20 years old but as years start to progress you will notice many things that will slow you down and affect your condition.

If you want to visit Dr Clem Bonney you should make an appointment and start with regular visits every 6 to 12-months. this family doctor can help you get your life in order, meaning that he can teach you how to make healthy choices for your body. This is especially important if you lead an unhealthy lifestyle.